Create your own unique event

  • The café (140 m2), This space is suitable for workshops, readings, coaching, dance events, masterclasses, courses, meetings, exhibitions and a lot more. The café room is equipped with a bar, a stage with microphones, an amplifier, a mixer, a beamer, a record player with a great selection of vinyl records, a CD player, nice tables and chairs and a projector. Price: depending of the number of rental hours/days.
  • The AULA room is 300 m2, with 200 seats and is suitable for projections , workshops, performances, cabaret, shows, live music and a lot more. Price: depending of the number of rental hours/days.
    We screen movies on two nights a week, Tuesday and Sunday nights. Most movies are international art house movies and sometimes there is small performances that go with the screenings.
    Technical details of our cinema:
    - 200 chairs
    - screen: 5 x 2.5 meter
    - microphones
    - bluray/dvd-player
    - hd beamer (1920x1080)
    - video inputs: HDMI, Apple MiniDisplay, VGA, (mini)-DVI, video.
  • In addition, it is possible for us to organize entertainment for your private party, such as live music, DJs, cabaret, events, workshops, dinners and catering.

    For any questions or quotations, please contact us at: