Caterina Palazzi Sudoku Killer

Caterina Palazzi Sudoku Killer amsterdam mixtree live music events soul jazz - 14 May 2018

Mixtree & Nello present 'CATERINA PALAZZI SUDOKU KILLER' at Broedplaats Lely in Amsterdam New West on May 14th as part of a European Tour to launch their new album – 'Asperger'.

This is a unique chance to experience the haunting Psychedelic/Jazz/Experimental sound of this combo of young artists from Rome whose first album received the prestigious press referendum JAZZIT AWARD.

Concert starts at 21h30. Doors open at 19h. Sicilian food on the menu, and our usual assortment of affordable beers and good wines.

And if you really want to make a night of it then get there early to catch artist Jacob Kirkegaard's performance at 19h, as part of de Appel's curatorial programme.

The concert will follow after a small break.
A special artistic night to put in your calendar, and remember.

Entrance: 7 euros at door, 5 euros for students and advanced ticket.