Nina Wijnmaalen - Video & Performance

Nina Wijnmaalen - Video & Performance mixtree events amsterdam play - 24 Apr 2018

Petros Panagiotis Orfanos presents a program at Mixtree - the first of a series of video performances. The selected videos produce a delirious interrogation of boundaries. Cohesion is occasional and at times, totally nauseating.

Selected videos:

“SUN/MOON” (directed and filmed by Joost Wierenga, filmmaker/artist 1990, NL) is a documentary about Wijnmaalen's working method as a visual director of performative pieces. This documentary shows how Wijnmaalen directs her players (mostly amateurs) and brings them to a higher level and also gives an insight into the working process of an autonomous visual artist.

“Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt” (performance by Nina Wijnmaalen, 1980, NL) is piece of seven individuals representing human attempts of hope and fear. A performance in collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam, 2014.