MixTree Podium presents: Blauwe Bes

MixTree Podium presents: Blauwe Bes live music amsterdam mixtree events food - 12 Apr 2018

Blauwe Bes plays ethnically oriented music with influences from jazz, Mediterranean countries and klezmer. A performance by Blauwe Bes stands for melody, for improvisations and for responding to the dynamics of the moment.

The composition of the quartet: Roland Wastiaux (double bass), Eli Aschkenasy (drums and percussion), Sergio Bizzarro (acoustic and electric guitar) and Jeroen van der Waal (tenor sax, soprano sax, melodica, keyboard). They are the ones setting the (sometimes "blue") tone within this formation.

Free entrance (donations are welcome)
Adecuado para niños
Ethno jazz
Música acústica