Greek Rebetiko night – with Greek food - 2nd edition!

Greek Rebetiko night – with Greek food - 2nd edition! Amsterdam - 05 Apr 2018

We are back with another night with rebetiko music, Greek food, ouzo and tsipouro! A special night for all Greeks and Greece lovers and curious...

Rebetiko is Greek urban music, with its heyday in the 1930’s. Originating from the Greek communities of Asia Minor (Turkey) it mixes Anatolian and Eastern roots with Western influences. It was the music of the poor refugees from Turkey, living in the shanty towns of Athens and Pireaus, and it was a way of reminiscing their abandoned hometowns. It was the music of the underground, telling stories about petty thieves, feuds, drugs, love and poverty. Some call the lyrics a form of gangster rap avant-la-lettre, others see in it a description of daily life filled with hardships and sorrow on the fringes of society. This night will show the evolution of rebetiko from underground music in the 1930’s to the more bohemian and socially accepted style of the 1950’s.

Lydia Stavraki (voice, percussion) grew up in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, and lives in Rotterdam. She regularly performs as a jazz and rebetiko singer in various line-ups.

Thomas Huisman (bouzouki, voice) was born in Rotterdam and got hooked on rebetiko music during his Erasmus exchange in Thessaloniki, performing both in the Netherlands as well as in Greece.

Manolis Fragkiadakis (guitar, voice) hails from the beautiful island of Crete, known for its strong musical tradition. A PhD student in Leiden, he also gives workshops on rebetiko music.


online pre-sale (see above): €3,- + service fee
at the door: €4,-
DOORS OPEN at 7:00pm
MUSIC STARTS at 8:00pm

We will have homemade Greek food from the magnificent Despina and Haris! Souvlakia and other delicacies!