- 18 Jun 2017

Psychick Cinema meets Cinemacephale (English spoken)

Cinema—from kinein 'to move'—concerns that which moves. Mysticism—from myein 'to close', so that mystikos means a secret matter, something one's eyes cannot stand to see and one's mouth must not speak—concerns that which is hidden. The zone of cinemysticism then, is about the connection between what moves and what is hidden, and more specifically, how this link is found in the (secret) experience of movies. What are the hidden connections between cinema, consciousness, and the nature of vision? In what sense is film a medium of, or avenue towards mystical experience? How can movies in light of our deficient grasp of reality serve to lead one out of the cave of illusion?

After its first evening at Filmhuis Cavia, Cinemysticism will continue its subterranean journey at MixtTree, spilling the seeds of possible mysterious adventures for the future, at a time coinciding with the closure of the location.

Sunday 18 June, 20:00 at MixTree - OT301
Nicola Masciandaro, "The Eye of Mysticism."

Besides a lecture and movie clips, the second night of Cinemysticism will include experimentation with sound.

Entrance: 4 euros