Cinema Jam Session

Cinema Jam Session Live Music Concert Amsterdam Mixtree OT301 Overtoon Satuday night sing play an intrument Jam band Musicians artists singers dj's performers audience friends Have fun enjoy meet peop - 27 May 2017

Once more into the breach...

Let's get together for yet another high energy rock session.

This is a call to all the people that has been involved in the project through the year: musicians, artists, singers, dj's, performers, audience, friends, lovers, dinosaurs, meteorites... everybody!!

Last but one opportunity to wave goodbye Mixtree with a BANG!!


22:00 Freestyle jam session.

With the usual suspects Ike Henry Freeman, Nico R. Schiaffino, Ivan Ortiz Lucas, Ramiro Llado, Fabio Manganiello, Sandhya Sanjana and many other amazing musicians.

If you sing or play an instrument and want to join us on stage, ask the host (Jorge Lamanodelmal Sidechained) to get your name in the list and please keep in mind you have to be there at the beginning of the jam (around 9pm) so we don't have to stop the music, bother the audience and other musicians. The goal is being respectful, having everything set up nicely and ready to go.
This is an open event by everybody for everybody. We really appreciate your input and cooperation!

All instruments welcome. Drums, amps and microphones available, just bring your instrument.

Visuals: Santiago Ab To will guide our ship again from the FOH with his outstanding work. You can check it out here:

Be there or be square!!

Entrance: 2euro